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Les établissements Crapeau en activité - les métiers du métalMetalwork

The metalwork sector includes metal construction work, joinery, ornamental ironwork and decorative fittings. Artisans in this sector work with steel and other metals (stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze).
Since 2009, we have been creating metal objects to meet interior and exterior needs.

Sheet metalwork

Sheet metalwork consists in transforming metal sheets of various thicknesses into flat or slender objects.
Our customers include professionals (e.g. for industrial workstations) and private individuals (e.g. stainless steel kitchen splashbacks).
We cut, fold, and work sheets of steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Les établissements Crapeau en activité - les métiers du métalIronwork

Ironwork consists in forging iron and other ferrous metals. It is an art that requires expert command of delicate techniques for creating and/or assembling metal parts.

Located above the workshop, our design office will prepare a scaled mock-up of your project. The workshop will then select the most appropriate technical solution.

Potential creations:

Gates, handles, wrought iron marquises, guard-rails, bannisters, verandas, forged motifs, wrought iron signing, furniture, ornamental light fittings and other objects. One-off or serial productions.

Art galleries form an important part of our customer base. We create metal exhibition pieces directly for galleries, and also realise creations designed by other artists.


Patinated metal has a unique look and feel. Indeed, patinating iron creates a range of shades that enhance the originality of any creation. This variety of results is obtained thanks to the infinite number of possible processing operations, as well as the way the part is worked (brushed, sanded, oxidised in different ways, bathed, coated, rubbed, etc.).

Complementary skills

Glass, wood and other prestigious materials can be particularly attractive when combined with metal creations.
Interior designers are often eager to combine textures, colours, and materials of different appearances and temperatures…
As such, Etablissements Crapeau often works alongside glass makers, carpenters, stone masons, designers, architects, decorators and, naturally, artists.